About TasBreeders Membership

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There are many reasons why you should consider membership to Tasbreeders.

  • Tasbreeders is the industry body that represents all thoroughbred breeders in Tasmania.
  • Tasbreeders promotes and advances the interests of the thoroughbred and its breeders.
  • Tasbreeders is the representative body for breeders and fosters a unified approach by breeders in promoting the industry and Tasmanian-bred horses both locally and internationally.
  • Tasbreeders represents Tasmania’s breeding interests at a national level with representation at National Breeders Meetings and on the Australian Pattern Committee. 
  • Tasbreeders represents breeders at a local level through representation the Thoroughbred Advisory Network (TAN).
  • TasBreeders in partnership with TasRacing and Magic Millions conduct the annual yearling sale each year with assistance from the Yearling Sale Working Group (YSWG).
  • Tasbreeders is representative of breeders in governmental issues relating to the industry and provides advice and information to members and to the general public on any aspect of the thoroughbred industry.
  • Tasbreeders is officially recognised by the Tasmanian Government, Race Clubs, and Tasracing, as the body that works to promote the Tasmanian thoroughbred breeding industry.
  • Tasbreeders members receive a copy of ‘Stallions’ annually. ‘Stallions’ produced by Thoroughbred Breeders Australia is an in-depth publication of Stallions being offered for services during any giving breeding season. ‘Stallions’ provided any thoroughbred breeders or enthusiast the opportunity to maintain a handy of the performances of sires standing at stud throughout Australia.
  • Tasbreeders provides members with a number of events throughout the year with include the pre yearling sale BBQ and cocktail party. Members are most welcome to attend.


Applications for membership to Tasbreeders are welcomed from anyone interested in the thoroughbred. 2015/2016 TasBreeders Membership.