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What is tasBonus    

For many years the Tasmanian Thoroughbred Industry has being closely aligned to the RVL's (Racing Victoria Limited) SuperVOBIS scheme and partially subsidised by RVL. A change in funding arrangements with RVL for the Tasmanian scheme has necessitated the implementation of the new tasBonus scheme. The tasBonus scheme is developed to continually support the Tasmanian racehorse owners and breeders and is consistent with TasRacing's Corporate Plan.


Yearlings that qualify for the scheme are:

a) Tasmanian-sired (Tasmanian-based sire)

b) Tasmanian-bred (mare must be Tasmanian-owned), based on Australian Stud Book registered breeder location.

c) Catalogued for sale at the Tasmanian Yearling Sale (any breeding).


Breeders Nomination: $220 (incl GST)

Owner Nomination: $330 (incl GST)

A horse maybe only breeder nominated or only owner nominated or both.

The dual nomination shares the costs between both parties and reduces the overall cost from $660 (incl GST) (previously SuperVOBIS) to $550 (incl GST) for tasBonus.

A once-off fee is paid to TasRacing when the horse is a yearling and the horse than becomes eligible for a bonus whilst it is a 2,3 and 4 year old, for its maiden win or for one of any special yearling sale bonus races. 

Mainland Sale Horses:

Under the new tasBonus scheme, interstate-sired horses purchased at mainland sales or as tried racehorse will no longer be eligible for the bonuses.

Commencement of the tasBonus Scheme:

The tasBonus scheme will be implemented for horse turning one year of age on 1st August 2012 (foaled in 2010). Tasracing will honour the current arrangements with the Suoer Vobis scheme for this season (and prior) yearlings.

The new tasBonus scheme doesn't pay bonuses for any horses that win or are placed in SuperVOBIS bonus races run in Victoria. However, in order to cater for those wishing to have access to these bonuses, a separate scheme SuperVOBIS (TAS) will operate in conjunction with the new tasBonus scheme and be administered by TasRacing. 

The SuperVOBIS (Tas) scheme will be available to nominators of Tasmanian sired horses only will operate under the same fee, bonus and dead-line structure as the existing Victorian scheme. This will allow breeders targeting interstate purchasers to enhance their yearlings with Victorian SuperVOBIS endowments. 


tasBonus Scheme (ex GST)  2YO & 3YO   4YO
 Breeder  $1000.00  $750.00
 Owner  $3000.00  $2,250.00
 Total  $4000.00  $3,000.00
 Trainer  $150.00  
 Jockey  $75.00  

This bonus differs from the original SuperVOBIS scheme by increasing the bonus from $3,000 (SuperVOBIS) to $4,000 (tasBonus) for 2YO and 3YO horses.

Special Bonus Races:

In addition, owners and breeders will receive an additional $4,000 ($3,000 owner/$1,000 breeder) bonus for non-maiden horses winning specified 2YO and 3YO races (under $50,000). A maiden winning a specified race will however only be eligible for its maiden bonus (i.e. The special race bonus will not apply). 

Conditions apply. For further information about the tasBonus Scheme contact TasRacing. 

Fact Sheet: What is tasBonus Scheme